Our company started its activity with tool production, which business line still plays a significant and important role in our company. We attach particular importance to continuous improvement, acquire new knowledge and use of state-of-art procedures.

Our activities not only cover design and production, but we also place great importance on related services. As a part of it, we provide our customers with product design and development, as well as technological consultancy.


Design is carried out based on the specifications, samples, 2D drawings or 3D models received from our customer. The final production documentation is according to the client’s special formal, contextual, technical needs, thus assuring a problem-free production later.

We use NX and ProENGINEER designing software and we can receive data in the following formats:

  • .dwg
  • .dxf
  • .igs (IGES)
  • .stp (STEP)
  • .x_t (PARASOLID)
  • .prt (ProEngineer)


We are able to make all possible types of production tools, we produce:

  • cold forming tools (blanking-, punching-, bending-, etc. tools, serial-, and progressive tools),
  • hot forming tools (dies, forging tools),
  • plastic injection, blow moulding tools,
  • aluminium pressure die casts.

The size of the tools we manufacture ranges from the smallest to approx. 1100 x 2600 mm and to approx. 5-6 tons weight.

Of course, we manufacture not only complete tools, but also tool parts, with which the possible modification needs of previously manufactured tools or renovations can be carried out cost-effectively.

We also produce different types of devices, which are used in many areas of the industry (for example: devices for various machining, workpiece positioning, holding devices, inspection devices, moulds etc.)

Our CNC processing machines connected to CAD/CAM system, numerically controlled and conventional machines, as well as the expertise of our skilled colleagues ensure high-precision and quality tool production. With the help of our CNC-controlled machining centres, wire EDM machines, sinker EDM machines, both small and large size tool elements can be machined with high precision.

Our main machines are as follows:

  • DMG MORI DMF 260/11 5-axis CNC travelling column machining centre
  • DMG MORI DMC 1150V vertical CNC machining centre
  • Tajmac ZPS-MCFV2080 vertical CNC machining centre
  • HURCO BMC 64 vertical CNC machining centre
  • HURCO VMX 24 vertical CNC machining centre
  • Deckel Maho DMC 103V vertical CNC machining centre
  • FANUC Robocut 1-iD wire-cut EDM
  • FANUC Robocut 1-iA wire-cut EDM
  • FANUC W2 wire-cut EDM
  • KTC EZEN PLUS hole-drilling EDM
  • AgieCharmilles FORM 30 HMI die-sinking EDM
  • LEVEL D1150 ZNC die-sinking EDM

We use high quality, certified raw materials, which we purchase from reliable suppliers.

Depending on the construction, standard elements and parts are installed into the tools.

Depending on construction, heat treatment of the specified tool elements is carried out by reliable partners and a certificate is prepared of the heat treatment.

When the finished tools are handed over, tool tests are always performed in the presence of the Customer’s representative, the manufactured samples and the necessary measurement reports are handed over.

Of course, we guarantee all of tools, devices and parts produced by us. The guarantee conditions are reconciled with the Customer before the designing phase, this way the choice of material and construction can be realised according to possible special needs.

Maintenance and repair

In case of necessity, we can perform the renewal of existing tools and production spare parts.

We undertake on-time and continuous repair and maintenance of production tools, which is always preceded by a condition analysis and a detailed price offer. Our specialists perform maintenance and repairs on third-party tools with the same expertise and reliability as on our own tools.